game day information
football sizes
Game balls will be provided by NMFFL
  • Ages 5-7 = pee-wee size football
  • Ages 7-9 = pee wee size football
  • Ages 10-11 = youth size football
  • Ages 12-14 = youth or junior size football


Spring 2020 season


game field Seating
Seating is allowed along the sidelines. (Home or Away). Home & Away sidelines will be clearly marked on game day. Please bring your camping chairs, blankets or other portable seats. Players will have access to their own seating during the game.
game day participant attire
  • NFL Reversible Jersey (Dark side for Home games & White side for away games).
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times during the game.
  • Mouth guard is mandatory to play
  • Football cleats (no metal spikes!) 
  • Knee high socks (your coach will coordinate ordering the shorts with you & NMFFL)
  • Matching shorts without pockets (your coach will coordinate ordering the shorts with you & NMFFL.)


  • NMFFL monitors weather conditions prior to, and during all games. For weather conditions occurring prior to game times, we will notify everyone as soon as a decision has been made to play, postpone and/or cancel games. For weather that causes field conditions to deteriorate or is forecast to create a weather-related danger, the decision to postpone or cancel games will be made at or before 7:00am on Saturday game days. Each coach has the responsibility to notify their players and parents

  • In the event of severe weather conditions, the NMFFL has a league lightning safety plan. NMFFL plan will be in place to provide a safe environment for all games and league activities. The League Commissioner will monitor the lightning and if lightning is seen or thunder is heard we will immediately inform all coaches and officials. When a storm is approaching and lightning is within 8 miles away, all activities are postponed and may be cancelled.

  • NMFFL’s Inclement Weather Policy is as follows;

    • If a storm is approaching and lightning is present, all coaches and officials will be notified. At this point the game will continue but weather will be closely monitored.

    • If lightning is present and within 8 miles, NMFFL with postpone all games by 30 min. After 30 min weather conditions will assessed. If lightning is further than 8 miles, game play can continue. If lightning is still within 8 miles, games that are post-halftime will be called as is, and games pre-halftime will be cancelled and rescheduled.

    • Playoffs & Championship games may continue to be delayed ensuring games have every opportunity to continue. Games will not be as is and must be continued where they left off in the case of being rescheduled.


NMFFL contact info

NMFFL Phone: Text or Call

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