coaching with nmffl
Coaching in itself is very rewarding but NMFFL wants to make sure its coaches know how important they are! We want all our coaches to enjoy coaching with NMFFL and have a great experience on and off the field!
We also offer discounts for our Coaches:
  • Huge discount off your child's registration- Have 10 kids? No problem there's NO LIMIT! (head coach only)
  • Registration for Head Coach's child starts at $60.
  • Have a whole team already? Bring the whole team to NMFFL and you can offer their parents a "New Team Discount". Your players parents will only pay $99 each for the 1st season! 
  • Never coached before? Not a problem! We offer optional Coach training to help get you started! Contact a league commissioner to discuss easy and quick training options!
Coaching Responsibilities
(Please refer to the NMFFL Rulebook)
Additional NMFFL Coach Information & Support
  • NMFFL helps you find and reserve parks to practice at!
  • Mandatory $20 fee for a Background Check (valid 2 years)
  • Mandatory $10 fee for Concussion Test Training & Certificate
  • Flexibility with scheduling games! (1st come, 1st serve) 
  • Flexibility w/ Practice- The Coach decides days & times!
  • FREE USA FOOTBALL coach membership valued at $25
Coaching flag football is very exciting, fast paced, strategic, fun, and extremely rewarding! Coaching your own child is an very gratifying and a great bonding experience! The memories you'll make will never be forgotten!

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