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The New Mexico Flag Football League is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, unique, high quality and competitive flag football league that suits all the needs of our youth, their families and our entire football family!
nmffl promise & objective 
NMFFL will go above and beyond to ensure we provide a unique and high quality flag football experience. nmffl will always be a large football family that puts its players, coaches, officials, and spectators first.
We want our love for the sport to extend to your family!
new mexico flag football league
new mexico flag football league, nmffl, was founded in 2017 by Joseph Prestwich to fulfill a major dream and need in New Mexico... A large high quality competitive flag football league! after coaching our children for many years we have a great understanding of what could make the overall sport experience better. until now, flag football has been represented as an alternative sport instead of the largest growing sport that it is! its no longer just a backyard sport but its the future! New mexico has fallen behind in the flag football sports world and the overall future of football as a sport.
over the last decade more and more research and compelling evidence has been presented showing the alarming results from children and adults playing tackle football. The amount of brain injuries and the link between football is significant. it is a legitimate concern for parents and the future of the sport. since this results have been published Flag Football has, and continues to, grow at a tremendous rate! Parents, like us, do not want to see our children get seriously injured enjoying their love for the game! That's when we found flag football. All the excitement, fun, and challenges that football presents but without all the injuries! 
our vision for nmffl started simple. our vision was a league that was well organized, had highly trained refs, and treated its Coaches, players, & parents like family! A football family that will grow and keep providing a great environment and experience for our children to learn, grow, and enjoy their (and our) love for the game! with that vision in mind, we built New Mexico Flag Football League are Extremely proud to introduce nmffl to New Mexico!
joseph prestwich
Joseph Prestwich

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