NFL FLag league

The NFL Flag experience every child wants! NMFFL is a NFL FLAG affiliated league designed specifically for youth flag football. With NFL Flag you have the chance to be on your favorite NFL teams! All 32 teams! Each season, your child will also receive a set of high quality NFL Flags, an NFL reversible team jersey, Accident and Health Insurance, and an overall higher quality experience!


a Safer alternative to tackle football

Without contact, football becomes a lot safer sport. Flag football does not have contact and has been proven to be a safer option then tackle football. The rules are designed to keep your child safe while keeping the competitive nature of football in tact. To ensure your child's safety, NMFFL is insured for concussions and all of our coaches are concussion test certified. 

Be part of the fastest growing sport

The sports world is changing especially with our increasing technology and our understanding of sport injuries. With CTE and other contact-sport related injuries being a huge concern for parents, flag football has become a very popular option. Throughout the United States, flag football has had a tremendous amount of growth while we witnessed the opposite with tackle football. In fact, many high schools have had to disband their tackle football teams due to such a large decrease in participants. Flag football is becoming the future of the sport and NMFFL will ensure your flag football experience is phenomenal!

new mexico flag football league
WHY nmffl?

highest quality experience


NMFFL wants every player, coach, fan, referee, and everyone involved to have the greatest experience possible! We are extremely proud to bring a new exciting and unique atmosphere to Flag Football in New Mexico! Our experience is unlike any other and includes:

Weekly Events for everyone such as Jumpers, Combine Competitions, Fastest Kid Challenges, Cotton Candy & Turkey Leg Day, Raffle Day, and much more more!

nmffl FLAG  experience


Preseason Game

8 regular season games

Playoffs & Superbowl to compete for Lombardi Trophies

Videography & Game Highlights 

Game Day Photography

Game MVP's & Season MVP's

Travel Opportunities

Loaded Snack Bar

....and that's just the beginning!!!

increased opportunities

NMFFL extends beyond our game field and offers many opportunities for our athletes. We offer the experience of representing New Mexico and playing against the nations best players within your age range! We offer the ability to compete in Regional & National Tournaments!

NMFFL traveling teams are truly an experience of a lifetime! For more information please contact NMFFL League Comissioners.


 New Mexico Flag Football League is a competitive league. Flag Football is not just an alternative sport, but rather an old backyard sport re-envisioned and enhanced! Flag Football is a main stream sport now and very competitive. As the seasons pass, more and more competition arises! Players continue to join and fall in love with the sport of Flag Football! With all the athletes constantly joining the game, it raises the bar for the competition!

winter 2020



Dates- Late Nov/Early Dec to Early Jan

**Dates are subject to change**

WINTER 2020 Registration 

Registration is Open! 

football family

NMFFL is dedicated to YOU! Our Coaches, Players, Parents & Fans! We will always ensure you have the best experience possible! We want every person to be a part of our football family and enjoy every minute of every one of our seasons! We truly care about every individual involved and will stop at nothing to continue to enhance your experience with NMFFL!




Team Placement

 You can either bring your own team or your child can be placed on a team that is closest to their residence

Practice Days & Times

Coaches will determine the days & times for practice. Practices are typically 1 to 2 times per week

 FALL 2019 super bowl champions


Head Coach: Micheal Garcia      Season:  Fall 2019       TEAM: Steelers

PLAYERS: Kaleb Sigala, Amilli Sweeney, Isaiah Baca, La'Shaun Dickey,

Russell Smith Jr., Shaiden Begaye, Mathias Gutierrez, Austin Gurule,
Eli Cawthon

Divisional Mvp's
the fastest growing sport in the world!
Why Flag football? 

NMFFL contact info

NMFFL Phone: Text or Call

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